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About KeKe Simót, Chief Executive Officer of CURVY Revolution

Keke Simót
“If you don’t believe in GOD just step into my life for one week. If this ain’t favor….
Just Wow. My plans just ain’t big enough.”

For KeKe Simót, Exceptional is The Expectation.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and educated through gifted and talented programs in private schools, KeKe Simót learned at an early age that her brains were her brawn.

With a burning interest in science and technology, KeKe became an early entrant in the field of web development. At the early age of 14, she created web pages for high school friends. At age 16, KeKe was recruited by a California based company to professionally develop websites full time. Before the age of 21, KeKe had already sold several domains and self-coded web scripts. KeKe has since parlayed her tech skills into a digital media business that has grown exponentially every year.

As a teen who was a self-proclaimed “fat nerd,” KeKe also developed a passion for fashion. She found that most plus-size fashion advertising to be bland and lacking true representation. It motivated Keke in 2009 to launch CURVY Revolution and quickly gained thousands of subscribers and attracting notable sponsors and investors.

The married mother of one son and a bonus son and daughter balances home and work with an adeptness that is present in all of her life. Her creative interests expanded swiftly into the world of television, film, and streaming media content. KeKe also founded other businesses that she cultivates daily.


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